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S&P 500 Tracking Portfolio Change

For comparison purposes, Fidelity Select Fundranker tracks the S&P 500 Index (as measured by Fidelity’s Spartan 500 Index - Investor Class Fund) with a theoretical portfolio which we started on January 2, 1997, with a value of $24,000. We recently made a change to this theoretical portfolio because of a change at Fidelity Investments.

As of the close of trading on January 22, 2010, Fidelity Investments merged its Spartan 500 Index - Investor Class Fund (FSMKX) into its Spartan US Equity Fund (FUSEX). Beginning January 25, 2010, the newly merged fund retains the name Spartan 500 Index - Investor Class Fund but uses the FUSEX trading symbol. Because of this merger and use of the FUSEX symbol, as of January 22, 2010, we adjusted the number of shares we list for our S&P 500 Index theoretical tracking portfolio from 582.597 (of FSMKX, NAV $75.29 on 1/22/10) to 1,135.190 (equivalent shares of FUSEX, NAV $38.64 on 1/22/10). See our December 2009 and January 2010 results pages to review these changes.

Posted 2/19/10 8:59pm ET in Fundranker