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Free E-File Fillable Forms for 2009

Many people hire professional tax preparers at tax time, but there still are plenty of us who feel very comfortable directly filling out tax forms ourselves and eschew using tax software as too cumbersome and as an unnecessary expense. For tax years up to 2008, we do-it-yourself taxpayers have had access to free fillable forms (PDFs) on the IRS website, but we were forced to print and mail the forms because there was no free e-file capability to go along with the free fillable forms.

For 2009 returns, for the first time, the IRS finally has combined free fillable forms with free e-file, and there are no income limits for qualification. Just go to, click the Free File link in the right hand column, and then click the Choose Free File Fillable Forms button on the next page.

On the Free File Fillable Forms website, select a userid, password, and which form, 1040, 1040A, or 1040 EZ, you want to use. Then, in Step 1, Fill Out Your Tax Forms, fill out the fields on the various forms you need for your return. The fillable forms even have a Do the math button at the bottom, which, as you can guess, does the math for you, so you won’t make any math errors. Click the Instructions for this form button to review IRS instructions for any form. You can save your work and log back in later to complete your return, if necessary.

When you have completed your return, move on to step 2, E-File Your Tax Forms. Enter W-2, 1099, and W-2G information for any of those forms you received. Add your adjusted gross income from 2008, fill in last year’s PIN if you have one, select a new PIN for 2009, enter your date of birth and e-filing date, and choose whether (and when) to pay tax due by electronic withdrawal. Finally, click E-File Now, and you are done. You will receive your refund, if any, by check, or by direct deposit, if you entered direct deposit information on your return. If you owe tax and choose not to pay your tax due electronically, you will need to print Form 1040-V and mail it with your tax due.

Posted 1/21/10 11:15am ET in Tax Tips