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Rally Resumes

The spring rally we enjoyed, after pausing for four weeks, has turned into a summer rally. The Nasdaq Composite climbed 11 sessions in a row through July 22, 2009, hitting new rally highs every day since July 15. The S&P 500 rose seven sessions in a row through July 21, hitting new rally highs on July 20 and 21. Fundranker nearly matched the Nasdaq Composite, climbing 10 sessions in a row through July 22, finally hitting a new rally high that day.

As of July 22, the Nasdaq Composite (as measured by Fidelity’s Nasdaq Composite Index Fund), the S&P 500 (as measured by Fidelity’s Spartan 500 Index Fund), and Fundranker’s Top Eight Model Portfolio are up 52.1%, 42.3%, and 35.2%, respectively, since the bear market lows of March 9.

Investors apparently are pleased with second quarter earnings and future outlooks companies have been reporting recently. Although economic indicators are mixed at best, the stock market seems to be fulfilling its roll as an advance indicator of economic recovery.

Posted 7/23/09 11:15am ET in Economy, Fundranker, Market