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Fundranker Blog—Is it time to reinvest?

Is it time to reinvest?

The Fundranker system does not try to predict what may happen in the short term; using past performance, it attempts to position you advantageously for whatever may happen. Using the Fundranker system, you don’t have to make emotional decisions each month on whether to stay in the market or not, or get back in or not. More often than not, emotional investment decisions lead to worse results than sticking with a sound system like Fundranker.

Be that as it may, did you move some or all of your investments to cash recently because of the recent downturn, the worst since the 1930’s Depression? If you did, you weren’t alone, by any means. The question now is when should you reinvest your cash in Top Eight Model Portfolio funds?

December is looking good for the market and even better for Fundranker so far, and we all hope that recovery will continue in 2009, but should you reinvest in January? Unfortunately, if you moved to cash, that is a decision only you can make. Perhaps you should think of your reinvestment decision the same as if you were investing in Top Eight Model Portfolio funds for the first time. No matter which month you decide to reinvest, just as when you first invested using the Fundranker system, Fundranker will begin to position you advantageously for whatever happens.

One thing we can and do say here at Fidelity Select Fundranker is that despite the recent downturn, our Top Eight Model Portfolio still has better long term performance than the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq Composite indices, and we have confidence in future long term results for the Fundranker system.

Posted 12/21/08 12:28pm ET in Fundranker