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Fundranker Blog—December Rally

December Rally

The market has finally turned somewhat positive in December. After the Top Eight Model Portfolio, the S&P 500 tracking portfolio, and the Nasdaq Composite tracking portfolio suffered sharp losses of 8.1%, 8.9%, 9.0%, respectively, on December 1, they have come roaring back with gains of 10.1%, 6.6%, and 8.1%, respectively, through December 15. The Top Eight Model Portfolio clearly has outperformed the market indices during this 10 trading day period. In fact, one of the new funds Fundranker bought on December 3 gained 23.4% through December 15. Is this the beginning of a bull market or just a bear market rally? The stock market is usually an advance indicator for the economy, but who knows how long and deep our recession will be? Only time will tell, but in the meantime, let Fundranker position you advantageously for whatever rallies do occur.

Posted 12/16/08 1:12pm ET in Market