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Stay Disciplined

The Top Eight Model Portfolio was heavily weighted through August in Fidelity Investments energy and natural resources Select funds. For a considerable length of time, this weighting proved advantageous as the Top Eight Model Portfolio made all time highs in May and June. The energy and natural resource funds let us down in July and August, however, and Fundranker has reduced the Top Eight Model Porftfolio’s exposure to them, at the same time increasing it’s diversification.

Many investors turn tail in tough market conditions, sell their shares, and park the proceeds in cash. Then they are in the unenviable position of having to figure out when to reinvest in the market. It is easy for them to miss out on major upside market moves while they try to decide.

Fundranker, however, remains invested and trusts its technical investment system to reposition the Top Eight Model Portfolio into currently best performing Select funds in order to maximize its potential for future returns. It never misses out on major upside market moves because it is always in the market. In a long term rising market, this strategy more than makes up for market downturns.

Stay disciplined. Stick with the Fundranker system, and let it position you in the best performing funds. View downturns as opportunities to invest new money, rather than as times to panic and cash out.

Posted 9/10/08 3:08pm ET in Fundranker