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August 2019 Daily Chart

Through August 30, Fidelity Select Fundranker’s Top Eight Model Portfolio outperformed both the tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite Index (as measured by Fidelity’s Nasdaq Composite Index Fund) and the broad S&P 500 Index (as measured by Fidelity’s Fidelity 500 Index Fund):

August 2019 Chart


1. Gold (FSAGX)
2. Construction & Housing (FSHOX)
3. Leisure (FDLSX)
4. Utilities (FSUTX)
5. Wireless (FWRLX)
6. Defense & Aerospace (FSDAX)
7. IT Services (FBSOX)
8. Communication Services (FBMPX)


Sell Consumer Finance (FSVLX),
buy Utilities (FSUTX)
Sell Semiconductors (FSELX),
buy Defense & Aerospace (FSDAX)
Sell Insurance (FSPCX),
buy Communication Services (FBMPX)

About Fidelity Select Fundranker

In this our 14th year of publishing Fidelity Select Fundranker newsletter, we have made the decision to discontinue publication. The June 2019 issue was our last. We plan to continue updating this homepage and add new Ratings pages on the first day of each month through May 1, 2020, with up-to-date information, including recommended exchanges, but no other pages on the website will be updated after June 1, 2019.

Fidelity Select Fundranker employs a straightforward investment strategy—invest in Fidelity Investments Select mutual funds that are doing the best right now, and move regularly into better performing Select funds.

Fundranker utilizes a technical investment system, which means no guesswork, no predictions, no judgments. Each month, Fundranker rates and ranks Fidelity Investments’ 41 Select mutual funds (39 as of June 19, 2009, and 38 as of January 26, 2018, when Industrial Equipment was rolled into Industrials) according to various aspects of their recent performance and selects the top eight funds in which to invest. To follow the Fundranker system, an investor typically would make two or three exchanges at the beginning of each month to stay in the top eight funds.

Fidelity Select Fundranker’s Top Eight Model Portfolio set a new all-time high most recently on September 5, 2019. From the hypothetical portfolio’s January 2, 1997, start date through September 5, 2019, a 22-year-plus period, it gained a phenominal 1,925.576% on a total return basis, that is, including reinvested dividends. Over that same period, the S&P 500 Index, slightly below its July 26 all-time high, gained 505.112% on a total return basis, as measured by Fidelity 500 Index Fund:

1/2/1997 to 9/5/2019

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